Healthcare Topic: Most People in Chapel Hill Don’t Know A Healthy Lifestyle Can Prevent Dementia

April 13, 2016

A recent survey conducted by Charity Alzheimer’s Research has found that the majority of people do not know that leading a healthy lifestyle can help cut the risk of developing dementia. The survey found that only a quarter of adults knew that simple lifestyle changes can affect their chances of developing the debilitating condition. Having a healthy lifestyle by eating a healthy diet, exercising, drinking in moderation, maintaining a low weight, blood pressure and cholesterol can all help to lower the risk of dementia. Fifty percent of the people that took the survey would consider changing their behavior to a healthier lifestyle.

There are no specific methods that will prevent dementia, but there are precautions that could reduce the risk of developing the condition. With the increase in dementia diagnosis, it is important to make sure the message reaches the public about following a healthy lifestyle. Making good choices early in life can have an impact on you as you age. The public’s understanding of the disease is low, so it is important to make everyone more aware and knowledgeable about the risk factors and prevention.

Researchers have found that following the MIND diet which stands for Mediterranean-Dash Intervention and includes foods eaten in Southern Europe will help to reduce the chances of developing Alzheimer’s. The diet involves eating at least 3 whole grains, a salad and one other vegetable everyday as well as drinking a glass of wine. Most snack on nuts every day and eat beans every other day. Berries and poultry are eaten twice a week and fish is consumed weekly. Blueberries and strawberries are also potent foods for protecting the brain.

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