10 Warning Signs Your Loved One is Ready for Assisted Living or Homecare

April 6, 2016

Making the decision to go into assisted living or hiring homecare can be difficult especially if your parent or parents are resistant or don’t feel that it is needed. Many elderly will begin to show some signs of losing their independence and it is good to know what those signs are. Here are 10 signs that living independently may be too much.

-Bills are not paid on time or are overdue and may be in collections.

-Personal hygiene is poor and your family member may stink and have clothing that hasn’t been washed.

-Little housekeeping is being done with dishes in the sink, spoiled food in the refrigerator and belongings not put away.

-Weight loss and poor diet.

-Forgetting to take medications or taking too many or not enough.

-Driving becomes unsafe with moving violations or getting lost.

-Loses interest in hobbies, activities or even leaving the house.

-Trouble getting around in the house due to steps, slippery rugs or slick surfaces.

-Household repairs do not get done and the lawn is not mowed and mail not picked up.

-Not making sound decisions like turning off the stove or leaving the water running.
Early detection is key to helping our loved ones before things become completely overwhelming and dangerous. It is good to start the conversation early so that everyone is prepared when the time comes and the best decision can be made. Finding the right assisted living facility or home care may take some time, so you want to be ready when your family members are.

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