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Orange County Blueberries Can Help Prevent Alzheimer’s

April 20, 2016

Blueberries are loaded with healthy antioxidants and considered to be a superfood for their health boosting properties. They are low in calories and high in nutrients. Blueberries reduce DNA damage which may help protect against aging and cancer. Additionally, they may help to prevent heart disease, lower blood pressure, fight against urinary tract infections and accelerate muscle recovery after strenuous exercise.


Scientists have been studying this fruit and have found that the antioxidants could help prevent the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s. Blueberries contain flavonoids called anthocyanins, which have been shown to improve cognition. A study was conducted on a group of older adults who were at risk for Alzheimer’s and had mild cognitive impairment. The experiment gave a cup of blueberry powder or a placebo to the participants everyday for 16 weeks. Those who had the blueberries showed improved cognitive performance and brain function compared to those that took the placebo. MRI scans also showed increased brain activity for those consuming the blueberries.


New research is planned to use the blueberries on people at risk of developing Alzheimer’s, those that are obese, have high blood pressure or high cholesterol. The new study will help to determine if the blueberries could help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s.


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