Alzheimer’s Home Safety – Outside the House

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  • Keep steps sturdy and textured to prevent falls in wet or icy weather.
  • Mark the edges of steps with bright or reflective tape.
  • Consider a ramp with handrails into the home rather than steps.
  • Eliminate uneven surfaces or walkways, hoses, or other objects that may cause a person to trip.
  • Restrict access to a swimming pool by fencing it off with a locked gate, covering it, and keeping it closely supervised when in use.
  • In the patio area, remove the fuel source and fire starters from any grills when not in use, and supervise use when the person with AD is present.
  • Place a small bench or table by the entry door to hold parcels while unlocking the door.
  • Make sure outside lighting is adequate. Light sensors that turn on lights automatically as you approach the house are available and may be useful. They also may be used in other parts of the home.
  • Prune bushes and foliage well away from walkways and doorways.
  • Consider a NO SOLICITING sign for the front gate or door.

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Acorn wishes to acknowledge the National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Aging and the Alzheimer’s Disease Education and Referral (ADEAR) Center that were the sources for this valuable content.