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Caregivers Must Take Care of Themselves

October 16, 2015

Caregivers Must Take Care of Themselves


Many adults are faced with caring for elderly loved ones. In some cases, they are also caring for children or even grandchildren in addition to working and managing all the trials of daily living. This can lead to high rates of depression and anxiety among caregivers and increased vulnerability to health problems. Often times, caregivers frequently miss out on the opportunities to socialize and have a personal life and feel they have no control over what is happening. This has a negative impact on the physical and emotional health of caregivers.


There are self-care tools available to help caregivers deal with the pressures of taking care of another person. Many of the tools involve reducing stress, exercising, changing negative self-talk, communicating with family, making tough decisions and recognizing and handling the emotions of family. Addressing these issues can help you to improve your own physical and mental needs. Exercise, relaxation techniques, improved emotions and increased self-efficiency are a few of the improvements caregivers notice if they use a variety of services and lessons on coping with caregiving. Many caregivers report less guilt, depression and more self-efficiency when they address the challenges and learn how to cope.



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