Aging Services Helps Seniors Remain Independent at Home

October 19, 2015

Many seniors suffer with a variety of chronic illnesses that don’t allow them to take care of things in the home like cleaning, laundry or cooking. Maintaining a household can be a challenge under these circumstances. However, there are many Aging Services that allow seniors to remain independent by providing help several times a month to assist with house keeping on a regular basis. House keepers allow the senior to remain in the home when they might not be able to do it otherwise. The house keepers can also report back on the well-being of the client and the state of health and mental capacity.


Aging Service’s Mission is to ensure seniors have the support they need. Many do not have any alternatives or anyone else to help out. In addition to helping clean, they also provide interaction and friendship on a regular basis to lonely seniors. There are a variety of senior services to contact for more information. The senior center has a staff and social workers to help assist seniors as well as community services in the area.


If you need an in home care giver for your elderly loved one in Chapel Hill or Durham, we can help.
Care givers are screened and go through rigorous background checks.

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