Technology and Aging

October 14, 2015

Technology has made significant changes for caregivers and their patients. Wearable monitors, smartphone apps and telehealth allow patients to recover at home after illness or surgery for longer than has ever been possible in the past. Innovations continue to improve making strides for future improvements in home health care.  Many family caregivers use the internet for help and support through discussion groups, gathering information and learning tips online. They can even consult online medical sites to make sense of symptoms and behaviors to ask the doctor about at the next doctor visit.


Some of the current technology available allows medical call buttons to alert emergency services, sensor based home monitoring and GPS monitors.  Home health software and portals are another solution to communicating with caregivers from work or home when you can’t be with your family member. Caregivers can leave notes and messages about care or changes, allowing better communication between everyone. All of the technological advances improve patient satisfaction and improved productivity.



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