Tips For Durham Caregivers to Reduce Falls if Your Loved One Has Dementia

November 8, 2016

Dementia not only affects memory, but can also increase the likelihood of falling. Sturdy confident steps will eventually turn into more of a shuffle movement. Over 30% of seniors will fall at some point, but among those with dementia the rate is much higher. Dementia can affect a person’s perception which means they may not see something in the floor or may not step properly. Anxiety over falling can also increase the chance of falls which adds to the confusion and instability.

There are some tips to help reduce falling:

Have a friend or family member that does not live with you to take a fresh look at your home and observe things that may cause a problem like rugs or cords in the walkways.
Make sure your light bulbs are working and providing good lighting in hallways, bathrooms and stairways.
Make sure your prescription lenses are upgraded and current and avoid bifocals unless absolutely necessary.
Check your slippers and purchase new ones if they are worn out.
Move furniture so that everything is within reach of your favorite spot to sit.
Declutter your home and get rid of the things you do not need.
Be cautious of slippery surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen.
Have an occupational therapist offer advice on how to safe-proof your home with grab bars and non-skid equipment.
Participate in a exercise program that emphasizes balance such as Tai Chi.
Use a Life Alert system to get help if there is a fall.
Be cautious of side effects listed on the medications you are taking.

If you need an in home care giver for your elderly loved one in Chapel Hill or Durham, we can help.
Care givers are screened and go through rigorous background checks.

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