Information for Chapel Hill Clients: Healthcare Tests Show Ultrasound Could Slow Brain’s Aging

November 10, 2016

Healthcare researchers are constantly searching for new ways to improve the lives of senior citizens. Scientists studying in a lab in Australia might have found a way to slow the aging of the brain with ultrasound. The researchers understood that physical therapists use ultrasound to help some injuries heal faster. The team was doing a safety study for a noninvasive scanning ultrasound treatment on mice to reverse Alzheimer’s. They were excited with the results that were discovered with the treatment. The study made headlines, but they wanted to make sure that the technique would not destroy healthy brain cells.

Over several weeks, the researchers treated the mice with one or six ultrasound sessions. What they discovered was that the treatments appeared to slow down the aging brain process. The brain cells stayed the same instead of getting smaller. They focused their research on the hippocampus, the section of the brain responsible for memory and learning. Over time, normal aging reduces impulse conducting cells in the hippocampus. The ultrasound doesn’t reverse aging, but it does allow the brain to stay younger. Once they do studies and attain approval, they envision patients coming in for an ultrasound to help preserve the structure of your brain.

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