Seniors Going Back To School Have Lesser Chance Of Acquiring Dementia

January 11, 2016

You don’t usually find many senior citizens going back to school. However, a new study suggests that going back to school will lessen the risk of having dementia. The new study found that taking college courses can help seniors improve brain functions such as memorizing, planning and decision making. The study had 350 participants ranging in ages from 50-79 with no dementia. The subjects were given various tests involving thinking and memory and required to take 1 year of full or part-time course work.

The researchers found that 92% of the people taking courses experienced a brain boost in areas such as memory and decision-making while 8% of the participants remained on the same level. The control group had a 56% increase in mental activity while 44% remained on the same level. The researchers did acknowledge that there is a huge possibility that any sort of activity such as educational classes or social interaction can help enhance brain function and memory, preventing dementia from corrupting them.




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