Moderate Alcohol Intake May Prolong Lives of Alzheimer’s Patients

January 13, 2016

Alzheimer patients who drank two to three servings of alcoholic beverages every day lowered their risk of death compared to those who consumed more or less alcohol. Researchers in Denmark analyzed data from over 330 patients with early stage dementia or Alzheimer’s. The participants were tracked over a four year period. Most of the sample, 71%, drank one or fewer alcoholic drinks per day. A unit of alcohol was measured as 10 ml. or one third of a beer or half a glass of wine. 53 of the participants died with Alzheimer’s during the study period. Those who had two to three units per day had a 77% lower risk of death than those who drank less than that.  Researchers also felt that those that drank two to three glasses of alcohol a day had richer social lives and friends. Extended social networks have been proven to improve quality of life as well as lengthening life. In addition, moderate  alcohol consumption has positive effects on cardiovascular disease risk and cholesterol. Long term alcohol abuse would have a detrimental effect on memory and cause neurodegenerative disease.



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