Reduce Your Risk of Falling

October 28, 2015

Slips and falls are a major fear for seniors. Although there is a physical concern and the potential for loss of independence, a fall does not have to be life-altering. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says falls are the leading cause of injury for those over 65. Nearly 1 in 3 will experience a fall in their lifetime. Falls have been increasing in recent years and seniors are more afflicted with falls than we may realize.  The biggest thing is to realize that falls will happen. They can occur due to physical injury, cognitive impairment, weather conditions or even from being distracted. One of the biggest factors to realize is that falls are not because a senior is failing and there is no reason to get discouraged if one happens.


Not surprisingly, one of the biggest factors in recovering from a fall is the level of physical fitness of the individual. Those with slight to no disability were more likely to recover more fully and quickly than those with more moderate disability. Nearly one third of seniors who are moderately disabled are able to recover from a fall within a year. An important step in prevention is to get physical exercise and even physical therapy to maximize functioning especially after a fall.


While falls may cause physical injury, the psychological impact can be worse. Seniors who are physically fit and independent prior to a fall can lose self-confidence, feel unsure about their bodies and fear future independent living. It is important to create a safe space in the home during recovery. Arranging furniture and widening walkways will help to reduce the risk of future falls and help to rebuild confidence. Even after a fall, it is important to remain active. Practice strength training, balance and eye-tracking to help improve your overall health and get you back on your feet more quickly.


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