Preventing Falls Before They Happen

October 30, 2015

The best form of prevention is being prepared. There are several things you can do to help avoid falls in the home especially for seniors. Nearly 30% of falls by seniors involve head trauma, fractures and lesions. Annually this amounts to 2.5 million falls a year for those over 65. There are 4 steps to take to reduce your risk of falling.


One of the first things to do to avoid falls is pick the right shoe. Shoes that are worn out, slippery or are not fitted properly can increase your risk of falling. Walking shoes with laces offer the best fit for most senior because they are less likely to slip off the foot or get caught on something.


Secondly, speak to your doctor especially if you have fallen before. The doctor can help you with strategies to prevent falls and discuss medications and their side-effects. Some medicines may leave you feeling dizzy or foggy and a change may be necessary.


Organizing your home to avoid falls is the safest way to avoid tripping or slipping. Prevent clutter and stay organized especially in areas like the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Add grab bars and non-slip mats to the bathroom and shower to prevent falls. Consider installing hardwood floors which are easier to move on than carpet or rugs.


Lastly, exercise is one of the most beneficial things you can do to prevent falls. Strengthening your muscles and balancing exercises are some of the best things to do for your body. Tai chi, weight shifts and leg raises allow you to balance on your feet and avoid using the hands to remain steady. These can reduce the risk of falls by 42%.


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