Long Distance Caregiving and Home Care Tips For Durham

January 10, 2017

Home care for an aging parent can be challenging and living far away can make it even harder. However, there are some things you can do to help. There are ways to help monitor a parent from afar. Many of these involve utilizing technology, building a support system of family, friends and neighbors and using available resources. Some of these are outlined below.

There are specialists available through “aging life care professionals” if your parent needs quite a bit of help. They can do a thorough assessment to determine their needs and help manage care. These services are not covered by Medicare and can range from $100-$200 per hour. You can find one in your area at aginglifecare.org.

Many people can’t afford to use those type of services, so you have to develop a plan yourself. Contact clergy, nearby family, friends and neighbors to stop by and check-in on your parent occasionally. Put together a list of reliable services for household needs like plumbers, lawn care and handy man services. Also, contact the Area Aging Agency to find out what is available. They can offer services for basic needs such as delivered meals, transportation, senior companionship and senior community centers.

If your parent needs financial assistance, set-up online banking and direct deposits for income so that bills can be paid online. Automatic payments are good for routine bills and utility bills. You can also set-up the banking services so you can monitor what is happening online. There are money managers that can be hired to do it for you. There are also financial assistance programs to help if your parent is lower-income.

Another option to help care for a parent is in-home care. Caregivers can range from $12-$25 per hour and can assist with meals, housekeeping or personal care.

Lastly, there are technologies available to monitor your parent like motion sensors, video cameras, computerized pill boxes and computer tablets. There are also websites and that can assist with care and medical information.
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