Independence Critical for Seniors

December 2, 2013

We can’t forget that feeling when we bought our first car.  Perhaps we felt it again when we bought our first home.  We were in charge, masters of our destiny!

Three Senior Asian Smiling happily at park in a morning.Wars were fought for independence.  It is as natural a desire as any other human condition.  How cruel aging can be when it takes our independence away from us.  And while we love our kids, depending on them for everything may not be what makes us most happy.

That’s where home care comes in.  The occasional support of a friendly, trained caregiver can make a huge difference in letting a senior enjoy her freedom.

Some of our clients are no longer able to drive.  Yet they are healthy, vital individuals.  They need to get out, socialize, go shopping, play cards, go to a movie.  A regular visit from a caregiver who accompanies them on errands can give them renewed freedom, without needing to depend on family members.


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