Aspirin Linked to Reduced Dementia Risk

November 29, 2013

In our home care business, we are on the look out for information that may be of value to our friends who follow dementia, its causes and trends.

Researchers in Australia just completed a large study suggesting that aspirin may help reduce our risk of dementia.  Aspirin is in someways a wonder drug.  The researchers concluded that aspirin may be helpful by limiting the occurrence of  “micro-infarcts” which are tiny clots in the brain.      While the impact of a single micro-infarct may be small, over time they may add up to a significant degree of brain damage.

The investigators warned, however, that too much aspirin may have the opposite effect.  By thinning the blood, it may lead to a larger stroke in the future.

More research is needed.  Given the fact that there are no cures for the disease, any news related to the possible benefits of natural remedies is welcome.


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