Durham Healthcare Advice for Caregivers: Finding Joy In Caregiving

May 4, 2017

Caregivers often become so focused on healthcare for their loved one that they forget to appreciate the joy that can come from everyday living. Caregivers can be so overwhelmed with the stress of finances, health care and logistics that they lose the quality of life in caring for their loved one. Creating and experiencing joy isn’t always easy, but it is a nice thing to do and it is a crucial survival skill that helps to relieve stress, motivate, connect and relieve boredom.

Music. Caregivers create joy by listening to music from the radio or an iPod. Music can ease pain, energize and induce memories.

Adventures. Approach appointments, shopping, dinner, or even a car ride as an adventure. Plan ahead for parking and recruit a friend to drive or come along to lend a helping hand and make it more fun.

Food. Cooking and eating food can stir happy memories for everyone. Try to cook or bake together and talk about what food you enjoy. Watch cooking shows for inspiration.

Physical Activity. Get moving a make it fun. Walk to the mailbox or around the block. you can toss a ball back and forth or dance in your chair.

Games. Find games your loved ones enjoys from simple games like “I spy” to card games or board games. You can work on crosswords or jigsaw puzzles together.

Celebrations and holidays. Make any excuse for a party for birthdays and anniversaries to the first day of spring or Valentine’s Day. Celebrate small things like fastening their own buttons or a successful shower.

Humor. Be silly and laugh at yourself. Watch funny movies, read funny stories, tell jokes or make light of everyday living.

Nature. Enjoy some fresh cut flowers from the yard or visit a garden or nursery. Walk and enjoy leaves falling or a light snow on the ground.

Home videos or scrapbooks. Digitize old home movies to watch or make some scrapbooks. Enjoy the photos of friends and family on social media.

Massage or other body work. Massage a neck or foot with lotion to help with relaxation.
Intergenerational exchanges. Have family members or friends bring over a new baby to hold. Ask grandchildren to read a book or sing a song. Grandparents can also share a hobby or bake cookies with the grandchildren.

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by Sheri Chandler

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