7 Early Signs You Might Develop Dementia in Orange County

May 9, 2017


As we age, we may show some signs of memory loss or dementia. It is normal to occasionally forget some things, but it is not normal for it to happen regularly. It is important to be aware of signs of dementia. Some of them are listed below to help you understand how you may be affected by memory loss.

Being repetitive.

If someone asks you the same question several times during a conversation or repeating daily tasks they could be showing signs of dementia.

Loss of sense of direction.
Losing your sense of direction and being unable to recognize land marks or which way to get home can be an indicator of dementia.

Losing interest in hobbies or spending time with the people you love can indicate the onset of dementia.

Short-term memory struggles.
Struggling to remember what you had for lunch or forgetting why you entered a room can indicate signs of dementia even though you can vividly remember events from a decade ago.

Trouble following stories.
Struggling to follow the plot of a tv program or not understanding the developments of a movie can show signs of dementia.

Communication and confusion.
Showing signs of confusion such as forgetting names and faces of people or misplacing things can indicate signs of dementia. Communication can become impaired when you can’t verbally express how what you think or how you feel.

Mood Swings.
Depression is an early sign of dementia while some may become much more outgoing than usual or become more extroverted.

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by Sheri Chandler

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