Dental Care As We Age

November 16, 2015

Good oral health is a major part of taking care of our bodies. Unfortunately, as we age it can be less of a priority especially for those senior citizens living below the poverty line. Research has proven that dental health is connected to a longer, healthier life. Bacterium in the mouth is a cause of heart disease and heart failure. Poor dental care from missing teeth, old dentures, cavities or gum ailments can cause difficulty eating and destroy a balanced diet. More than 8,000 deaths occur each year due to oral cancers and half of these are among those 65 and older.


There are more Americans age 65 and older than any other time in history. Between now and 2040, the US aged 65 and over population is expected to be over 80 million almost double our current population of 43 million. The aging of the population will have huge implications for the country. Those over 65 are going to present many challenges to policy makers and programs such as social security, Medicare and Medicaid. With the focus on the rising costs of health care and quality of life, redefining dental insurance and coverage should be a priority for aging baby boomers.


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