A Memory Care Center Recreates Past for Dementia Patients

November 14, 2015

One memory care center in Ontario,Canada is handling aging dementia patients in a new and intriguing way. They are recreating the past throughout the halls of the facility. Rooms are set back in time with a barbershop with 65 cent haircuts, a corner office from the 1950’s and a 1947 Dodge parked in the hallway. There is even a nursery with an antique bassinet and carriage and babies to hold and comfort. Occasionally, Elvis will show-up to sing and charm the residents.


Patients get haircuts in an antique barber chair with a price list from the 1940’s on the wall. The one thing missing is a mirror, so they never see themselves as elderly. Many of the residents enjoying sitting in the Dodge and reminiscing about looking good and attracting the ladies. The office has a black, clunky antique phone and a manual typewriter.


For many dementia patients remembering recent events can be stressful and cause agitation and aggression. However, memories of things in the past when they were young bring comfort and happiness. The Wellness Manager says that taking the memories that are precious to them and elaborating on them allows the patients to remember happier times because that is what they are remembering.



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