Alzheimer’s Research Breakthrough

October 22, 2017

Scientists in Israel recently concluded that a certain protein exists at very low levels in brains of Alzheimer’s sufferers.

The researchers say that the protein in question is known as SIRT-6. It exists at low levels in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease. SIRT-6 is fundamental for the repair of DNA. DNA deteriorates through our life as a result of aging and other challenges imposed by lifestyle. The lack of SIRT-6 is directly related to brain decline.

One of the researchers, Debbie Toiber, of the BGU Department of Life Sciences, noted that the decline in SIRT-6 levels starts the process that results in neurodegenerative disease in elders. It would be a great therapy if we could introduce replacement SIRT-6 into the brain. The blood brain barrier makes that difficult.

When the DNA in our cells has been damaged, a cell may determine that it is too dangerous to continue functioning and it may activate a self-destruct mechanism. If an excessive number of cells do this, the body tissue containing the dying cells will deteriorate. That tissue could be the brain.

Lifestyle factors like a wholesome diet and regular exercise could make a difference in the health of our DNA. Many studies have noted that being active in sports and not retiring may challenge our brains in positive ways. These positive stressors allow our cells to respond more readily and be more likely to repair themselves.

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