Why Orange County Caregivers Get Stressed and Frustrated When Dealing with Senior Care

July 12, 2016

As the baby boomer generation ages, more senior care demands are being made of their children and family members to provide the much needed care they require on a daily basis. This puts much pressure on the spouses and children of those that need assistance. Caregiver stress or burden are common terms to describe the financial, physical and psychological problems that many family members experience when caring for their older family members that are impaired or suffering from various illnesses. We need to raise awareness about caregivers burden and support so that caregiving can be a positive experience with the proper support and stress management.

Many factors contribute to caregiver burden. Some of them are lack of control over the situation, loss of social support, deterioration of the elder person requiring care, duration and intensity of the care, multiple demands on the caregiver, the unpredictable nature of the illness and the difficult behaviors of the elderly person. Although there are senior services for older adults, over 80%-90% of the care is provided by friends and family. Often older adults have conditions that cause progressive decline in the ability to function and the role of caregiver will stretch on for years.

Even if a family doesn’t have to deal with an illness, there are conditions brought on by age that require medical care or rehab services. Often, caregivers are looking after one or both parents on top of their daily responsibilities. Children are often expected to bear all the care and responsibility and carry on, but the effects of caregiver stress can be long-lasting and damaging. Resentment over caring for the aged can lead to family discord. If the stress is not managed it can lead to depression, disturbed sleep, career interruptions, financial difficulties, lack of personal time and poor physical health. There can also be psychological, emotional, and mental strain as well as feelings of guilt, anger, grief, anxiety, hopelessness and helplessness. Caregivers need to recognize the stress early and take steps to manage it. With the proper support, caregiving can provide personal growth, strengthened relationships and a deep sense of satisfaction.
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