When is Adult Day Care Right?

January 30, 2018

If your elder loved one needs watching or companionship, adult day care may be a good choice.

Senior day care centers offer activities for elders. They may be for-profit or not-for-profit. Because they are group settings, they provide mental stimulation and social interaction. Your loved one gets out of the house and sees other people in a different environment. This change of pace is good for your loved one, and it’s especially valuable for his or her caregiver. Day care often benefits the caregiver spouse more than the person receiving care.

Benefits of day care include:

  • Engagement and stimulation with many individuals
  • An opportunity to get out of the house
  • A variety of activities, including the opportunity to be an onlooker if your mom or dad does not feel like participating actively
  • A chance to make acquaintances with people with similar health and care concerns
  • A lower cost per hour compared to in-home care

The services provided by day care differ widely. Some offer meals and snacks with varying levels of quantity and quality. Some may impose limits when it comes to incontinence and aggressive behaviors. If your loved one is in day care, chances are they will decline physically and mentally. Ask management what changes in their condition will trigger different pricing or make them unfit to participate at the center.


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