What To Do When A Spouse Is Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s

March 2, 2016

Having a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s can be very unsettling. You want to be prepared and learn how to best handle and treat the disease. The first thing to do is to get educated. Read and learn as much about the disease as you can. There are many good books on the subject. Additionally, visit Alzheimer’s services and get involved in educational and social events for support.

One of the best ways to manage Alzheimer’s is with a daily routine that is predictable and less confusing. If there needs to be a change, then allow your self plenty of time to do daily tasks so that the person is not frustrated and anxious getting ready. Try to make changes when they are most relaxed and alert during the day.

It is important to remain active and enjoy social activities. Focus on what the person can do and what their strengths are. Ask for their opinions and be sure to include them in the daily routines. As the memory gets worse, it may be better to stay away from large crowds or find a time to go when things aren’t as busy. Attend smaller gatherings and public facilities when fewer people will be around.

As the disease progresses, more flexibility is required as abilities decline. Communication may become more challenging, so leaving notes around the house in the bathroom or bedroom may help to keep them from feeling overwhelmed or confused. Check around the house to make sure things are safe to reduce the risk of falls. Remove dangerous medications, alcohol and sharp objects.

Lastly, you need to take care of yourself. It is important to get help from family and friends. They can offer to sit and talk to your spouse while you run errands or go shopping. Allow friends to bring a meal over if they volunteer. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It can be overwhelming and you need to re-energize and destress as well.

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