What Are The Signs That Aging Parents Should Not Be Left Alone

December 18, 2015

Watching your parents grow older can be difficult especially when they can no longer live independently at home. Many senior citizens may not even be aware that they are in need of additional care or help. There are some signs to watch for when it may be time to bring up the need for assisted living or outside help to provide the care they need.



A sudden increase or decrease in weight. See if your parents have a stocked refrigerator with healthy foods. Are they able to prepare healthy meals or if they are forgetting to eat or not remembering they already ate.


Poor hygiene. Aging parents may not feel motivated to bathe, brush their hair or teeth especially if they have lost a spouse.


They dress inappropriately. They wear a nightgown outside in the winter or a heavy coat in the summer.


Loss of balance. They fall frequently and seem to stumble and lose their balance.


Confusion, forgetfulness, depression or not wanting to socialize with friends and family.


Prescriptions. Check the bathroom cabinet for old medications or multiple prescriptions. This may be a sign they aren’t taking medications correctly or or cannot keep track of their health.


Keeping appointments. They miss important appointments to doctors, dentists or specialists.


Housekeeping. See if the house is clean or if food and trash is left out on the counter or dishes are piling up in the sink. Check for rotting smells in the kitchen and bathroom.


Overall clutter. They start hoarding and won’t throw anything away. Newspapers and bills pile up.


Finances. They forget to pay bills or start to fall for scams and send money to strangers.


If you are noticing changes, it may be time to sit down and have a talk with them and other family members. It can be especially difficult if they are resistant to change and unwilling to lose their independence. Making sure they have the care they need as they age is the most important thing.



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