Train Your Business to Serve Customers with Alzheimer’s

January 25, 2016

Many caregivers report feeling isolated from family, friends and the community when caring for their spouse or a family member with Alzheimer’s. Many are reluctant to leave their home because many of the behaviors of the patient are unpredictable. Caregivers never know if the situation will make those with Alzheimer’s anxious, overwhelmed or overstimulated. This means most families stay at home and feel alienated from the businesses they used to enjoy frequenting.


There is a new solution to this problem by training businesses about the disease and how to treat those affected with understanding and sensitivity. There are short training sessions for businesses and their staff to address common situations that you might see with an Alzheimer’s patient. Some of the tips are listed below.


  1. Agitation: If the person is acting differently, it may be the surroundings and moving them to a quieter location may help.
  2. Inappropriate Comment or Disruptive Behavior: Try to redirect and change the subject to something else like the weather or dessert with a meal.
  3. Argument: Do not argue back, but apologize and try to redirect to another topic.
  4. Trouble Making A Decision: Try to offer simple choices like choosing between two different shirts, blue or yellow, or two different meals, spaghetti or chicken.


Overall, the best treatment is to smile, maintain eye contact and act comfortable without raising your voice or becoming flustered. Do not take inappropriate behavior personally. It is the disease and not the person.


Orange County has a Dementia Friendly Campaign. You can have your staff trained to help caregivers and their patients feel welcomed and comfortable on social outings in the community.

Call today to schedule a training session.


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