The Latest Elder Scam… Conning Seniors About Obamacare

November 10, 2013

Anytime a new government program gets introduced, there is going to be confusion.  And that’s just what scammers love.

There are many types of fraud being seen related to the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, and much of it targets seniors.

Under Obamacare, people 65 and older, who are on Medicare, are not required to purchase supplemental coverage. Regardless, scammers are pushing pricey supplemental policies.  They falsely represent that such coverage is mandated. Others tell seniors that the law requires reissuance of Medicare cards, giving them access to personal information so they may they commit identity fraud.  Yet others charge high fees – like $100 – help seniors understand the admittedly confusing landscape of Obamacare.

As is the case with many senior scams, it starts with a phone call or knock at the door.  The scammer says he is a government official and warns that the senior’s   Medicare card is going to expire.  The scammer gets personal information including social security numbers, banking account numbers and the like.

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