Ten Warning Signs of Dementia

July 10, 2013

Elderly Senior Home Care Elderly Man & AttendantYou go to the kitchen and the phone rings.  Pesky telemarketer.  Hmmm….  what did I come into the kitchen for?

Being momentarily forgetful is common for most people.  Just as the rest of our bodies, our brains slow down over time.  We will not learn new things with the agility of a young person.  This is not a sign of dementia.  There are warning signs, however, that suggest that your forgetfulness is more than aging.

  1. Your memory loss is disruptive to daily life.
  2. It is a challenge for you to plan or solve problems.
  3. You have difficulty completing familiar tasks.
  4. You experience confusion with time and/or place.
  5. You experience trouble understanding visual images.
  6. You have new troubles with speech or writing.
  7. You misplace things and are unable to retrace your steps.
  8. You have decreased or poor judgement.
  9. You withdraw from work and social activities.
  10. You experience changes in your mood and personality.

Dementia represents a more fundamental change in brain capability and a firm diagnosis can only be done after detailed and careful evaluation by an experienced professional.






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