Taking Care of a Loved One With Dementia in Durham or Chapel Hill?

June 14, 2016

Coping with a spouse that develops dementia can become complicated as you begin to learn what needs to be done to ensure their best care. Many spouses must take on more household responsibilities, seek a power of attorney, figure out insurance regulations and access their present and future needs as a couple. Often a medical professional or other support networks will suggest classes or counseling which can teach you strategies to cope, educate you about being a caregiver and the phases of dementia and memory loss. Counseling and support groups can offer tremendous support and friendship as you learn to cope with dementia.
One of the most important facts when caring for a family member is they are not going to change, so you have to change. Often the dementia patient cannot understand things because they are not able to, and you cannot make them, so you must accommodate where they are at the time. If you find yourself getting angry, it is a good idea to back away for a few minutes and start over. Many caregivers share techniques like using a couple of words instead of a whole sentence or ways to change your wording so that it is simpler. Caregivers also need to be aware of “sundowning” which is a term used to describe a period of pronounced confusion and agitation observed for a few hours in the evening. Often caregivers must learn to avoid burning out and make themselves and their care a priority.
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