Senior Care Ideas for Chapel Hill: Japan Develops Tool to Track Lost Senior Citizens

January 17, 2017

Senior care plays an important role in protecting those with dementia. Many times people with dementia may wander from their home. Most think they are going to work at a long ago job or going home to a past residence. It can be difficult for families to worry that their loved one may wander off and will be difficult to find. A Japanese company has developed adhesive barcodes to solve this very problem.

The company saw a need for helping people with dementia who tend to wander. They created a adhesive QR code made to seal on a person’s fingernail. The chips stay attached for two weeks even if they get wet. Police who find a lost elderly person can use the code to find a telephone number and the person’s identification to help them return home. Many elderly people have stickers in shoes and clothing, but sometimes the dementia patient isn’t wearing those items. The company developed this device after several accidents involving elderly drivers. This might be a solution that other countries will want to develop for their aging citizens.

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