Senior Care Advice for Caregivers in Orange County

March 28, 2017

Caregivers are on the front line of senior care in today’s aging boom. More and more children and spouses are caring for loved ones on a daily basis while sacrificing money, time, employment and caring for their own families. There are over 40 million Americans currently caring for a loved one and most of them are unpaid. AARP estimates that the economic value of these efforts at $470 billion annually. There are some important tips for caregivers along this journey that can be very helpful.

You are not alone. There are 40 million of you sharing the burden. There are many in the same boat caring for a loved one.

Whatever you feel on any given day is normal. Your emotions can be unpredictable day after day. You may feel rage, grief, fear, joy, numbness and sadness. It is all okay.

You are a good person. Don’t beat yourself up. You wouldn’t be doing what you are doing if you were not a good person. Don’t berate yourself for your shortcomings. Do your best and leave it at that.

Pace yourself. Take a break a couple of times a week for yourself. Exercise, see a movie, talk to friends or go out to eat.

Don’t ignore the help that is out there. Get counseling if you need it, read some books about caregiving, ask your doctor for tips, and search the internet for information or support groups.

Find a safe place to vent. Find someone you can speak honestly too about how you feel. This can be a minister, a good friend or a support group.

Remember that this will pass. Nothing lasts forever.

You can also help caregivers by paying attention to how they are acting or feeling. Ask if you can help by bringing a meal or sitting with the loved one so they can have a break. Never judge a caregiver because you might one day be in their shoes. Reassure them with praise and tell them they are doing a good job. It gives the caregiver strength to handle a few more day.


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