Preventing Insomnia in Chapel Hill Dementia Patients

August 31, 2016

Insomnia becomes a problem as we age and can be especially true for dementia patients. For those with dementia, it can be particularly dangerous due to nighttime roaming which can put them at risk for falls and other accidents. There are a few tips to combat insomnia if you or someone you know is suffering from it.

Take a walk. Exercising is the most frequently recommended methods of battling insomnia. When a person is tired from exertion, they are more likely to fall asleep. Scheduling a daily 30 minute walk can help especially after dinner, but not too close to bedtime. Malls are an ideal place to walk if it is cold or dark. Some people prefer working with a doctor or physical exercise expert to develop a specialized plan to find a good solution.

Schedule naps. Many seniors enjoy and even prefer a nap during the day. However, seniors with dementia should avoid napping within a few hours of bedtime or for an extended time. For most people, a 30 minute nap should be sufficient. Try to avoid napping too long or too near bedtime because falling asleep will be more difficult.

Make the bedroom restful. Try to use the bedroom only for sleeping and getting dressed rather than relaxing there at other times during the day. This will help to psychologically reinforce that the room is for sleeping. In addition, make sure the bed is cozy and comfortable, there is no noise from a radio or TV and that the bedroom is not brightly lit.

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