Pittsboro Senior Care: When A Family Member Doesn’t Remember You

May 11, 2016

Watching a family member struggle with Alzheimer’s can be heart breaking. It is challenging for caregivers to deal with the changes that take place slowly over time. As a child of an Alzheimer’s patient, it can be especially difficult when your parent no longer remembers you. You might even wonder if you stopped visiting, would they even notice?
The answer is even though it can be hard, emotionally exhausting and frustrating, you should visit. Alzheimer’s patients want and need to feel connected. Those that don’t have visitors often feel isolated and show signs of depression. Many patients have emotional memory and do benefit from visitors. Even though they may not remember you, the positive feelings and emotions last longer than the visit itself. The interactions will help them improve their mood and help their interactions with others.
When you do visit, there are a few things you can do to help you connect with your family member. First, make eye contact and have a warm facial expression. Consider asking yes or no questions if they have difficulty with speech. Secondly, minimize distractions so they do not become agitated. Keep them out of crowds or busy activities. Next, take a photo album to the visit. People from years ago may bring comfort and reassurance to them. Another option is to play some music that they enjoy during the visit and just sit and listen to it together. Finally, be present and flexible. If you are anxious or distracted, they may become angry or upset. Change activities or environments if necessary and offer calm, smiles reassurance and love.

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