Pittsboro News: Prevent Dementia By Marrying an Intelligent Woman

June 1, 2016

A body of research has found that intellectual stimulation could be a major inhibitor of the threat of dementia. Researchers have found several factors that help to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s. The environment you have as you age from childhood to adulthood contributes towards your chance of developing dementia. Environmental factors in childhood such as your mother’s diet, your father’s job status and your childhood IQ all have an effect on you later in life. Even your educational attainments, your job income and whether you learn or speak another language can play an important role in preventing dementia later in life. Researchers also advise marrying an intelligent woman. Having a stimulating partner can help stave off the development of dementia.

Researchers have found that the death of a loved one can also increase the chances of developing dementia later in life particularly if your mother dies before you are the age of five. Positive parenting as a child, a good childhood environment or obtaining higher education all have a huge buffering effect against dementia. Being well-off with plenty of money may help those with dementia. Many of the people who should have dementia, but don’t show symptoms are often highly intelligent people in high-powered jobs with a lot of money in the bank.



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