Information for Durham: A New Chocolate Dementia Pill Hits Shelves in Britain

April 6, 2017

Is chocolate a cure for dementia? There is a groundbreaking new pill being released in the United Kingdom made entirely out of chocolate. The pill contains flavanols extracted from cocoa that help that to lower cholesterol and increase blood flow. Research has shown that flavanols assist production of nitric oxide which triggers arterial wall muscles to relax. The European Food Safety Authority accepted that it improved blood flow and the transference of oxygen and nutrients to the body. However, to gain the true benefits from eating chocolate, you would have to eat 400g of dark chocolate a day which contains 2,429 calories. The new pill contains the condensed anti-oxidant nutrients in their purest form.

The drug analysis showed powerful compounds in many natural nutrients that can help to maintain the health of everyone. Increased blood pressure as we age is due to vascular stiffness. While most current blood pressure drugs are not very effective in reversing or preventing stiffness, cocoa flavanols offer benefits that current antihypertensives do not. The US government is also studying the benefits of cocoa flavanols and have found that they do improve blood vessel elasticity by 23%.

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