Hillsborough Residents: Loneliness May Put You at a Greater Risk for Alzheimer’s

December 22, 2016

A recent study has found that people who feel lonely have a greater risk of developing Alzheimer’s. The study was performed on 79 healthy adults factoring in gender, age, depression, genetics, economic status, anxiety and social networks. The study also measured the amyloid protein levels in the brain. The research found that those with preclinical Alzheimer’s disease were 7.5 times to feel lonely compared two those that did not show early signs of the disease.

The researchers found it hard to determine if social isolation was one of the reasons for getting Alzheimer’s or if it is just one of many symptoms. The study did not observe anyone with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. This study would be helpful to determine what behavioral changes might be used to identify early signs of dementia. Doctors could look for mood swings, apathy, loneliness or social impulsiveness.
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