Healthcare News For Chapel Hill: European Countries are Starting Registries for Dementia Patients

January 31, 2017

Healthcare registries for seniors is taking over globally to improve care and gain valuable information. Over the past decade, Ireland has seen deaths due to dementia increase by 165%. Many countries are using this information to better understand dementia and how it is affecting citizens.  Other European countries such as Sweden, Spain and Denmark as well as the USA have developed registries to help fight against dementia by collecting medical information on patients. Many of these countries collect comprehensive data from doctors, hospitals and memory clinics. Many countries are collecting data on demographics, pharmacological and non-pharmalogical treatments and diagnosis information as well. Follow-up data is collected on a yearly basis to update the registries.

Keeping registries helps to improve diagnostic rates, clinical outcomes and improved estimates of prevalence. In addition, they also help with by providing important data to aid dementia patients and help with their treatment as well as aid with future research. The registry helps with health services and complements and develops future services as well as policy making decisions and facilitating health policy and research. They enable trends to be identified as well as the differences, inequities and similarities. Lastly, registries allow doctors to assess outcomes, explore the impact of dementia and observe the treatment and care plans outcomes of patients.

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