Don’t Feel Guilty When You Choose Not To Be A Caregiver

December 8, 2015

Being a caregiver is a huge responsibility and not everyone is ready to take on that role whether it is due to a career, physical health, or the relationship with the person. There are currently 66 million unpaid adult family caregivers in the US. That is 29% of the population that is providing care to someone disabled, aged or ill according to AARP and the National Alliance for Caregiving. Women outnumber men two to one. The average caregiver is female, 48 years old, lives alone and provides 25 hours of care per week.


Caregiving is a huge commitment for those that choose to do it. Planning, shopping, scheduling appointments, cleaning and attending are just a few of the things that have to be performed on a daily to weekly basis and not everyone is capable of handling the stress and strain of caring for a family member. Many caregivers struggle with guilt especially if it is for their mother or father. Outsiders or other family members may make negative comments and judgments about you which will lead to confusion, isolation and a toxic sense of self.


Each individual must make that decision for themselves. It is important to respond to yourself and stay strong. Self-compassion allows you to respond to the challenge of caregiving with critical thinking that is not clouded by emotion. Others may be all to willing to criticize and condemn, but often unwilling to lend a hand to help. Avoid being manipulated with rhetoric and forced into thinking you are the only one who can do the caregiving when others cannot. Ultimately, you do what you can while maintaining your health, career or relationships without feeling guilty about your decision.



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