Chatham County Senior Care Issues: Shocking Things That Happen As We Age That No One Talks About

June 21, 2016

Senior care is important as we grow older. Everyone ages differently and some of us act and feel younger than we really are. We usually think of old as another 20 years from our current age even as we turn 60 and 70 years old.

Here are a few tips and changes from those over 60 that caught a few folks off guard.

Hair Relocates. Many people go bald as they age and it is not limited to just men. By age 35, two-thirds of men experience hair loss and by age 50 about 85% have thinner hair. Women losing hair account for about 40%. Women also experience hair growth where they really don’t want it like on their chins or mustache area. Even our pubic area thins and turns grey as well for both men and women.
Our Bellies Get Bigger. Men often have bellies that spill out over their belts and are called beer bellies, but women get them too whether you drink beer or not. That spare tire on your middle increases your risk of cardio disease and diabetes. Your metabolism slows as you age as well, so a healthy diet and exercise are a good way to avoid a bigger belly.
The Days Fly By. Some retirees say the days fly by. They don’t know how they ever found the time to work and have trouble making time for things in their schedule. Time seems to speed up, but it is good for us. Busy people are happier people.
But That Is Not A Universal Truth. Loneliness sucks at any age, but when you don’t have interesting things to do or people in your life, retirement can lead to depression. Illness, pain and chronic medical conditions in the elderly are associated with cardiac disease and increased death. In nursing homes, patients that were ill and depressed increased their likelihood of death. The new trend is to ease into retirement so that you shift to part-time and train the younger workers.
Aging Hurts Sometimes. Many experience aches and pains from arthritis and aging. It can limit how much you can accomplish in a day. The true fountain of youth may be having a positive attitude.
You Shake Off the Middle School Criticism. You don’t care what others think anymore. It is a great part of aging. You wear comfortable shoes and clothes and don’t worry about your hair. There is freedom in not caring what others think.


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