Chapel Hill Senior Care Advice: Planning For Your Future

November 1, 2016

One of the hardest topics for senior care is preparing to care for yourself as you age. Many seniors do not realize that eventually, they will need a caregiver to help them. Most folks are in good health and they have a hard time envisioning a time when there will be a need for independent living, assisted living, rehab or an even a more advanced level of care. Many hope that they will stay healthy both physically and mentally, however, hope is not a plan.

If you do not have a plan as you age, it is important to ask yourself how do you prepare for medical and living costs in the short and long-term? You will want to ask yourself how inflation will affect your retirement lifestyle and budget both now and in the future. You want to make sure you make good decisions when spending your retirement savings and that you made sound and smart decisions.

The most important this is planning ahead. Work through your finances for the years without earnings to determine your needs according to your retirement savings and benefits. Learn what benefits as a senior you are entitled to such as free bus travel, pension credits, social security or medicare choices. It is also important to review your living space and decide if you will age in place or move to a retirement community. Will you hire someone to help you around to house with errands or chores if family members are unable to help you as much as you require? Should you consider long-term care insurance? These are all important topics to think about with your spouse and family. It will make the transition as you age easier if you know what to expect and have planned accordingly.
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