Cary Is Working to Meet Future Senior Housing Needs

October 2, 2015

Long waiting lists for assisted-living facilities and access to affordable housing are some of the challenges for Triangle seniors. Many have wait lists from 3 to 10 years. The current housing problems will only get worse in the next 10 years as those over age 65 increases with the aging population overall. However, most adults think they are not financially prepared for retirement. A Cary senior task force composed of Cary officials and residents is addressing these concerns which include construction of more affordable housing, helping less financially secure seniors stay in their homes by providing property tax relief, and lifting restrictions on multi-family housing for low-income seniors if it is limiting housing choices.


Recently, Glenaire, a retirement community with about 400 residents added a new addition by building new apartments. The apartments sold out in only three weeks and will provide a variety of services such as housekeeping, utilities and a dining credit. Since 1993, Glenaire has added a 53 unit apartment building, a 40 room assisted living building and a 14 cottage expansion. The Task Force wants its seniors to remain in Cary and are looking to the future to provide adequate housing and services to keep them there. Staying ahead of the curve with the Task Force is a way to address issues before they arise.

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