Both Acorn Owners Receive Specialist Designation from Alzheimer’s Foundation of America

September 1, 2013

We are proud to announce that my wife, Mary Lynn, recently received the Qualified Dementia Care Specialist designation from the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.     This designation is given to senior care professionals who complete Alzheimer Foundation training and pass written exams demonstrating their knowledge of dementia and appropriate care practices.

We both hold this designation, which we feel is a statement of our commitment to our clients.  Understanding the various types of dementia and best care practices enables us to better serve our clients and their families.  To our knowledge, we are the only home care agency in the Triangle at which all the principals are Qualified Dementia Care Specialists.   By earning the QDCS design, we are also admitted as members of the Dementia Care Professionals of America (DCPA).

Carol Steinberg, President of the Alzheimer’s Foundation, provided a quote for our news release:  “We commend Acorn Home Care for understanding the importance and value of dementia care training and for its dedication to improving the quality of life of individuals with dementia and their families.”

The Alzheimer’s Foundation unites more than 1,600 member organizations that are dedicated to meeting the educational, social, emotional and practical needs of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, as well as their caregivers and families.  Under the Foundation, these organizations collaborate on education, resources, best practices and advocacy —all resulting in better care for people affected by the disease.  More information is available at

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