4 Ways to Live Better in Retirement

February 17, 2016

Many of the nation’s baby boomers are nearing retirement. For many, this can be a time of concern and trepidation worrying about housing, finances, saving. Your retirement can be happy and productive with a few tips to help you plan for golden years.

One of the first tips for retirement is reducing housing expenses. There are many ways to do this. Some retirees find that moving to a cheaper area of the country where it is warmer and sunnier is the right answer. Downsizing is also a good idea so you have less to maintain. Many elderly are also taking on roommates which makes it easier to live more frugally while offering support and socialization.

Another tip is to use your skills and talents to make additional income. Many seniors can teach music classes, bake or teach useful skills and crafts once a week. Often seniors have quite a bit of time on their hands and this is an excellent way to stay active while keeping your mind engaged and challenged.

One of the best things about aging is taking advantage of the senior discounts. You can save on meals, shopping, travel, classes and gym memberships. This can help limit your expenses so that you can spend it somewhere else. There are other ways to save as well by using a cell phone and getting rid of the land line. Sell your unwanted items on eBay or on consignment. This is perfect for downsizing as well.

Lastly, connect with friends. Use the computer or phone to call or text and keep in touch with those that may live far away. Join clubs, senior centers or community activities to keep you busy and engaged. Take an exercise class, go to the gym or join a walking club to stay active. Share meal preparation with a group of friends so you only have to cook once per week. Volunteer at your favorite charity or a school.

These four strategies can help you worry less about aging and help you to make smarter choices over time.

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