Ten Commandments of Memory Loss

Caregiver with Alzheimer's PatientDealing with a loved one suffering from memory loss is both difficult and easy.  It’s difficult because the way they communicate has changed and you need to learn new rules.  It’s easy because the rules are simple.

  1. Never Argue. Instead, Agree
  2. Never Reason. Instead, Divert
  3. Never Shame. Instead, Distract
  4. Never Lecture. Instead, Reassure
  5. Never say “Remember”.  Instead, Reminisce
  6. Never say “I told you”. Instead Repeat
  7. Never say, “You can’t”.  Instead say, “Do what you can.”
  8. Never Command or Demand.  Instead, Ask or Model
  9. Never Condescend.  Instead, Encourage and Praise
  10. Never Force.  Instead, Reinforce

Acorn wishes to acknowledge Steffens & Gwyther (February 1999) and the Memeory Loss Clinic at the University of North Carolina for this valuable content.