STARS Medical Escort Service

STARS Client with Blue CarSTARS stands for Special Transport and Appointment Recording Service.   It is a division of Acorn that is devoted to providing you or your loved one assistance beyond transportation!

STARS provides a helping hand, a listening ear and a comforting presence.  We are the perfect solution when you can’t go with your loved one to an appointment or if you need someone to accompany you to a medical procedure

STARS is discreet and confidential.  We protect your privacy.

Our STARS service is bonded and insured. Companions are carefully screened through a meticulous, multi-step process.  It  begins with a personality assessment which measures traits such as honesty, dependability and compassion.   We also do comprehensive background check which includes criminal history (both state and national), driving record and reference checks.

See our fees and service policies here.

STARS services include the following (at your discretion)

  • Assistance beyond transportation!
  • On-time pick up
  • Review of medical concerns/issues before heading out
  • Reminder to bring all paperwork
  • Courteous transportation
  • Companionship throughout the trip
  • Navigation of hospitals/medical facilities
  • Communication with medical staff on behalf of patient
  • Emotional support and reassurance
  • Assistance with paperwork
  • Raising concerns with medical staff
  • Visit to pharmacy to get prescription
  • Return home
  • Notes of conversations with medical staff left with client or delivered to family members

Call for an appointment!   800-481-7977

Email us for information:

Please click here to see our fees and service policies

Please note that because of the nature of the STARS service, Acorn’s 48-hour guarantee for home care services does not apply.


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