Sharing while Caring

The best home care is care that actively engages the senior in as many day-to-day activities as possible. In other words, to the extent it is safe and practical, we believe care activities should be shared.

Sharing while Caring™ is a unique, proprietary philosophy of senior home care developed by the founders of Acorn based on their experiences with their own elderly parents, and enhanced with research and best practices of the home care industry.

Acorn caregivers embrace this philosophy.

By making the home care experience more interactive with elderly clients, routine care activities may improve their quality of life and raise their overall care experience to a more satisfying and enriching level.

The following are examples of everyday activities that distinguish the Sharing while Caring approach from traditional home care.

Traditional Care Activity Sharing while Caring Approach
Make dinner for the client. Get Mom to wash the vegetables or set the table while the caregiver does the cooking.
Get the mail for the client. Dad can put on his windbreaker and accompany the caregiver to the mailbox. If it’s a nice day, they can take a short walk around the block to say hello to neighbors.
Do laundry for the client. Ask Mom to pair up the socks as the caregiver does the main washing and folding.

Having in-home care should not mean that your loved one stops doing things for herself or himself.  People who are actively engaged in the things they do retain better mental capabilities, stay in better physical health and live more fulfilling lives.

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