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If you own land, such as a farm, contractors may approach you and offer to harvest the timber on your land.  They promise you top dollar, but in reality all they do is cut down choice trees.  They leave without paying and without cleaning up the debris and mess they created.


Con artists may use recent events, like natural disasters and other tragedies, to con you into donating money to their “charity”.  These organizations are often fraudulent.  Some “charities” use names that sound very much like those of legitimate groups.   Often, the group will appear to be affiliated with the police, because donors like to support law enforcement.   Ask the caller to send you information by mail so you can check out the organization before contributing to them. If you want to support a particular group, such as your local police or schools, contact them directly to find out the best way to do so.


Acorn wishes to acknowledge the Office of the Attorney General of North Carolina for this valuable content.  If you think a loved one has been victimized, call the NC Attorney General office at 877-5NO-SCAM

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