When You’re Feeling Small….

July 2, 2015

Have you ever thought of living in a home 400 square feet or less?  Many seniors are embracing downsizing through the social phenomenon known as Tiny Houses.   This movement advocates living simply in small homes. Some of the reasons people do so include financial worries, environmental concerns, and more time and freedom for themselves.

Tiny Houses

Tiny houses have always been popular among pioneers, authors and nature enthusiasts. However, tiny home owners (not to be confused with tiny homeowners ;-)) aren’t necessarily looking for seclusion and isolation. After severe hurricanes in 2005 and other disasters, these smaller homes were embraced because they offered a fast and affordable housing solution.

After the 2008 financial crisis, tiny homes attracted even more followers.  Tiny homes are also desirable to young adults who find it attractive to own their home without the burden of a mortgage.

Besides being a fraction of the cost of traditional homes, tiny homes let you save a bundle on taxes, heating, maintenance and repair. If built by the owner, a tiny house costs about $23,000. Compare that to the average standard-sized home costing $272,000!

Tiny homes are gaining popularity as more and more people decide to “go tiny.”

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