What Will You Teach Me?

Chapel Hill CNA

 Fast, 16-Hour CNA Programs.


Minutes from UNC Campus!


Our goal is to train you in the skills you need to pass the state exam, the first time!


Your training will include the following measurement skills:

Feeding Granny Small Shot

  • Blood Pressure
  • Respirations
  • Pulse
  • Urinary Output
  • Weight


You will also be trained on the following care skills:

Checking Blood Pressure Small

  • Washing your hands
  • Putting a knee-high elastic stocking on a client
  • Assisting a client to ambulate
  • Assisting client with using a bedpan
  • Cleaning and storing dentures
  • Donning and removing protective personal equipment (PPE)Standing by Scale Small
  • Helping dress a client with a weak arm
  • Feeding clients that cannot feed themselves
  • Giving a modified bed bath
  • Measuring and recording urinary output
  • Performing passive range of motion for a knee and ankle
  • Performing passive range of motion for a shoulder
  • Positioning a client on their side
  • Providing catheter care
  • Providing foot care
  • Providing mouth care
  • Providing perineal care
  • Transferring a client from the bed to a wheelchair

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