Vitamin D! Just Do It to Avoid Dementia!

August 7, 2014

Alzheimer’s is a troubling disease.  There are no cures, but there seem to be many ways to prevent getting Alzheimer’s through healthy lifestyle practices.  Researchers have recently found that a lack of vitamin D may increase the risk of getting the disease.  The risk of contracting Alzheimer’s or other dementias may as much as double if you have insufficient vitamin D.

A recent study in the journal Neurology has confirmed a strong link between dementia and vitamin D.   The study suggests that increased dosages of vitamin D can help delay and, possibly, avoid dementia.  Common sources include exposure to sunlight and oily fish (such as sardines and salmon).

One of the study’s researchers from Exeter University expressed surprise that the relationship between vitamin D and dementia was so high.   They expected to identify a correlation between the two, but not one of 200%.

The research project involved nearly 2000 individuals 65 years and over.

People with just a moderate deficiency of vitamin D had a higher risk of dementia by 69%. People who were extremely deficient showed a risk of 125%.

It’s noteworthy that the so-called Mediterranean diet lowers your risk for dementia. The diet includes oily fish and, typically, residents of Mediterranean areas are also exposed to significant amounts of sunshine given the geographical location. Both of these are good sources of vitamin D.


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